Continental Competition Tubular Tire




Size: 700 x 22
Weight: 250 g.
Max Inflation: 170 PSI.

The pros already know it. That's because they've chased victories with these special tires. They've tested the liquid crystal fiber Vectran® under the hard professional conditions of grit, pot-holes and long hard mileage. One layer of the cut-resistant Vectran® under the tread (instead of the two layers of nylon previously used) reduces the weight of the Continental Competition and improves the rolling comfort and the rolling resistance. Continental's Black Chili rubber compound puts more molecular level carbon into the Competition's butyl rubber, reducing rolling resistance by 26%, increasing grip by 30% and increasing mileage by 5%.As in the past, the world's best riders only trust the handmade production of our seamstress team and production staff in Korbach, Germany.

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Continental Competition Tubular Tire