Fox D.O.S.S. 4" Seatpost 31.6mm



Seatpost Diameter
Color: Black


Material: Aluminum
Adjustable Drop: 4 inches
Diameter: 31.6mm
Weight:620 g.

Fox's legendary suspension expertise is bestowed onto the Fox D.O.S.S. 4" dropper seatpost. The 3-position CTD remote lever offers 100mm of travel with optiontional settings for Climb (fully extended), Trail (mid position, 40mm lower than climb), and Descend (lowest postion.) Two separate remote levers make it easy to select the right position in the heat of the moment. One distinct lever drops the saddle 40mm into the Trail mode, ideal for technical sections where you still need to pedal. A separate lever opens up the full 100mm of travel into Descend mode, doing what the D.O.S.S. post does best, "Drop On Steep…Stuff." The remote lever is mechanically actuated, with a shifter cable and can be mounted left or right and above or below handlebars.

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Fox D.O.S.S. 4" Seatpost 31.6mm