Park AK-38 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

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Designed specifically for the home mechanic who wants the best, the AK-38 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit is a special collection of Park's finest "shop quality" tools, all packaged in a tough tool box. The AK-38 includes the most frequently used tools, as well as some items a mechanic should not be without - basically, everything needed to perform most repair and maintenance tasks, from brake adjustments to headset overhauls, on the majority of current model bikes.

Contents of the AK-38:

  • AWS-1 4, 5, 6mm 3-way Hex Wrench Set
  • AWS-3 2, 2.5, 3mm 3-way Hex Wrench Set
  • BBT-9 Bottom Bracket Tool for 16-Notch External Bearing Cups
  • BBT-22 Bottom Bracket Tool for 30-tooth Splined Shimano and Isis Drive
  • BO-2 Bottle Opener
  • CBW-1 Open End Wrench, 8/10mm
  • CBW-4 Open End Wrench, 9/11mm
  • CC-3.2 Chain Wear Indicator
  • CL-1 Synthetic Blend Chain Lube, 4oz.
  • CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Cleaner
  • CN-10 Cable and Housing Cutter
  • CNW-2 Chainring Nut Wrench
  • CT-3.2 Screw Type Chain Tool
  • CWP-7 Compact Crank Puller
  • FR-5 Cassette Lockring Tool: Shimano, SRAM, Sun Race
  • GSC-1 GearClean Brush
  • HT-8 Hex Tool, 8mm
  • PPL-1 PolyLube 1000 Grease, 4oz.
  • PW-3 Pedal Wrench
  • SCW-13 thru 19 Shop Cone Wrenches, 13mm to 19mm
  • SD-Set Shop Screwdriver Set of 4
  • SR-11 Chain Whip, 11-speed Compatible
  • SW-0 Precision Spoke Wrench, .127"
  • SW-2 Precision Spoke Wrench (red), .136"
  • TB-2 Tire Boot Set of 3
  • TL-6 Steel Core Tire Lever Set of 2
  • TWS-3 Torx Compatible 3-way Wrench, T10, T25, T30
  • VP-1 Vulcanizing Patch Kit

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Park AK-38 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit