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Cateye Double Wireless CD300DW

List Price: $179.99
Our Price: $79.99

The CD300DW is loaded with 16 functions and offers wireless speed and cadence data through proprietary digital transmission. Exclusive speed/cadence sensor sends data through a single, coded transmission. The 3-window screen displays 4 lines of data and is lit up with LED backlight. Includes an adjustable center mount bracket.


  • Lap and Split Timer (up to 50 laps)
  • Lap Distance
  • Lap Average Cadence
  • Lap Average Speed
  • Current, Average, and Maximum Speed
  • Current, Average, and Maximum Cadence
  • Total Pedal Revolution
  • Elapsed Time
  • Total Time
  • Clock Time
  • Trip Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Second Elapsed Time
  • Second Trip Distance
  • Second Average Speed
  • Dual Tire Sizes A & B [100 to 3999 mm]

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