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Speedplay X2 Pedals


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Weight: 198 g.

The Speedplay X Series' innovative design and unrestricted float changed the shape of clipless pedals and continue to prove that user-friendliness, comfort, and improved performance are all attainable in a simple, lightweight package. The unique shape of X pedals provides knee-saving lateral rotation, without the self-centering action inherent in most pedals - your knees don't have to work against spring tension. Their compact, low-profile shape positions your foot closer to the spindle, for optimal power transmission, not to mention the unmatched cornering clearance. And their dual-sided design provides the easiest entry/exit of any clipless pedal. Whether you're a pro racer or a first-time clipless pedal user, no pedal is easier to use or offers more performance than the Speedplay X Series. Stainles steel spindle. Cleats included.


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  June 4, 2011
By Ms Stephe K.

I have really bad knees and thought I was going to have to stop cycling. Even simple flat pedals made my knees hurt after a few miles and would takes days to recover. As a last ditch effort I tried these and can again ride as much as I want!

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