Speedplay Carbon Sole Protector Kit



Speedplay's 4-Bolt carbon sole protector kit is made for directly bolting 4-hole Speedplay cleats onto the carbon sole of your 4-hole-specific shoe. The stainless steel plate is intended to perform two functions; protecting the finish on your soles, and providing a surface for your cleats to grip onto so they won't move around, which prevents premature wear and increases the smoothness of engaging and releasing.

These can also be used on standard 3-hole shoes between the sole adapter plate and your cleat. Although this will add 0.28 mm to your stack height, it will greatly reduce wear on your cleat and keep them operating smoothly.

Prevents wear on carbon soles and cleats Direct fit to 4-hole shoes May be used on 3-hole shoes between adapter plate and cleat to prevent wear and increase cleat life

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Speedplay Carbon Sole Protector Kit