Zipp 101 Rear Clincher

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The 2013 Zipp 101 is a legitimate high-performance aluminum rear clincher. No shallow-profile design comes close to the performance of the 101 in the wind tunnel or on the road. Its 30mm deep, fully toroidal rim shape is faster than many deeper V-shaped rims and can save up to 42 seconds over 40 km compared to the industry's benchmark aluminum wheel. The rim's wide profile increases lateral stiffness for sprinting and cornering, resists pinch flatting, and improves handling by reducing tire 'squirm.' The Zipp 188 rear hub uses 10 Swiss steel bearings that roll more smoothly than many ceramic bearings, and the stiffest 17mm axle on the market. 20 bladed spokes are radial laced on the drive side and crossed on non-drive. 843 g. (Specify Shimano or Campagnolo cassette body.)

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Zipp 101 Rear Clincher