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3T Apto Team Stealth Stem +/-6 deg



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If you see a stem with blacked out logos in the pro peloton, it's likely to be a 3T Apto Stem. 3T make their Apto stem available in a wide range of lengths and angles. The stem may not be the most exciting bike part, but it is the crucial connection between frame and handlebar ensuring the bike handles well and your body is in the right position. The Apto continues 3T's six decades of leadership in stem design, combining unparalleled functionality with Italian elegance. Double titanium Torx-type bolts hold the steerer securely and provide redundancy for extra safety, while the reverse faceplate bolts clean up the faceplate for a more elegant design, in particular in combination with 3T drop bars. The classic 3D rubber logo is a nod to the iconic 3T stems of yesteryear.

Material: Alloy 6061
Rise: +/-6 degree
Clamp: 31.8mm
Headset: 28.6mm (1-1/8")
Length: 70-130mm
Torque Spec:5Nm
Weight: 147 grams (100mm size)

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3T Apto Team Stealth Stem +/-6 deg