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American Classic MTB 29" Wheelset White

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Attention all XC racers, The American Classic MTB 29" Wheelset may just be the stiffest 29er option on the market. The expertly engineered, stiff rim not only helps you power over obstacles with precise steering, but at 26mm wide it produces a wide contact patch and squeezes the highest performance out of your tires. One unique touch is that the spoke leading to the valve is white, making it very easy to distinguish whenever topping off air pressure or changing a flat. In fact the area around the valve is heightened and even says, "Valve" just to make things as easy as possible for you. The tubeless rims come pre-taped with 25mm yellow tape and tubeless valves. 32h 3-Cross front and rear. 15 QR ready, out of the box (no endcaps for 9mm quick release.) Front: 738 g. Rear: 842 g. Pair: 1600gr.

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American Classic MTB 29" Wheelset White