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Assos HK.434 Lady_s5 Knickers - Women's Black Volkanga MD

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This medium weight Assos HK.434 is the perfect lady's knicker for transitional and chilly weather. Seven articulated panels and a pressure free waistband combine for a comfy, free-motion fit. Assos Type A.434 compression spandex fabric on the main panels supports your muscles, increasing performance and delaying fatigue. Specific "kneezone" panels remove pressure points and rotational friction, while soft-brushed RXQ kneecap panels keep your knees warm and comfortable. Special FI.Lady Mille S5 insert ensures total comfort in the saddle.

ASSOS FI.Lady S5 Insert

  • Elasticity ensures a contoured, anatomic fit that follows your cycling movement
  • Women's specific ergonomic cut for less pressure on sensitive areas
  • Dynamic indented memory foam absorbs vibration
  • Breathable microfiber surface for superior moisture management

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Assos HK.434 Lady_s5 Knickers - Women's Black Volkanga MD