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Assos T.mille Bib Short_s7 TIR blackSeries

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The Assos T.milleShorts_s7 are the finest all-round, performance short around, these cycling shorts have everything you need to ride further and faster, whether you're chasing the finish line, or just the views at the top. Their S7 generation cycling shorts, offer reduced seams, superior support and an abrasion-resistant fabric. Employing Assos's comfortFit and a wider cut waist as with the T.milleShorts_s7, to be soft yet supportive. Featuring Assos' mille insert, a light, fast-drying, breathable insert employing the Assos waffle and their anti-friction, goldenGate technology, allowing the insert to float. Entry-level for a fleeting moment, but with a performance that will see you wholly embrace the road.

Assos Features:

  • S7 generation: the latest generation of ASSOS cycling shorts, employing technology and fabrics engineered over a 5-year period
  • Assos comfortFit: Less restrictive than their racingFit, keeps you comfortable during long hours in the saddle, but also quicker to put on.
  • Type.429 Titanio: A unique textile, that utilizes a 4-way stretch to maximize the elasticity of the fabric.
  • aeroPatterningFenomeno1 design: Crafted with a single seam that sits on the rear of your legs causing the main fabric of the shorts to wrap around your thighs, providing a unique level of comfort and compression.
  • Mille_S7 insert: A revolutionary insert offering a deft balance of performance and comfort with 8mm of memory foam.
  • Assos waffle: A unique three-layer foam used in their inserts with perforations that make it light and highly breathable.
  • Assos goldenGate: A patented technology which augments the performance of the insert by allowing the most fluent movement with the body.
  • superFlat grippers: Ultra minimal grippers with optimal stretch return to secure the shorts in place without any excessive pressure.
  • Y7 frame carrier bibTech: A bib redesign that involves a wider cut of elastic for less pressure on your shoulders, resulting in less friction and more comfort.
  • iceColor: A fabric treatment that reflects sunlight and thus reduces heat absorption to keep muscles cooler.
  • Composition: 80% PA, 20% EA
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Assos T.mille Bib Short_s7 TIR blackSeries