Bicycle Drivetrain, Brakes

Your bike's drivetrain is essential as it's the arrangement that powers your bicycle. You pedal the cranks, which turn the bottom bracket, and the chainrings drive the chain that spins the rear sprockets, turning the rear hub moving the wheel, and propelling the bike forward. All these components make the bicycle drivetrain. To make the bicycle ride movement crisp, you need these parts to function well to minimize the effort and maximize the speed.

Shop for the best drivetrain parts from the best brands online. Replacement pads, levers, calipers, gear shifters, speed cassettes, and every other drivetrain component is available with Colorado Cyclists. We ensure you not only ride with confidence but also can stop at will, offering you a wide range of disc-to-rim brakes. Ride faster, knowing your brakes will always work. You must maintain the drivetrain for your ride's high performance and efficiency. If parts are faulty, you will have to put in more effort to get the bike moving, and the risk of an accident is high. Be proactive about your safety and shop for drivetrain parts and brakes from us for a DIY overhaul or upgrade your ride.

Remember, not all parts fit every bike; you must make sure you purchase the suitable component. Colorado Cyclists has drivetrain parts and brakes for every kind of bike. Partnering with the top brands in the industry, we bring you products that are guaranteed to be worth your money.

Shop for cassettes, cogs, derailleurs, cranksets and chainrings, bicycle bottom brackets, brakes, bicycle cables, chains, and bicycle shifters from top brands. Buy parts for your road, mountain, electric, or city bicycles from brands like Avid, Campagnolo, Chris King, Cane Creek, KMC, Jagwire, RaceFace, Niner, Shimano, SRAM, Wheels Manufacturing, Zipp, MTX Braking, etc.

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    Wheels Manufacturing

    PF30 Bottom Bracket Black

    • $70.00
    • $48.95

    Wheels Manufacturing

    PF30 to Outboard Black

    • $118.65

    Wheels Manufacturing

    386 Evo Adapter (24mm Spindle/Shimano)

    • $50.00
    • $34.95

    Wheels Manufacturing

    BB86/92 (24mm) Bottom Bracket Black

    • $70

    Wheels Manufacturing

    BB30 Bottom Bracket Adaptor for Hollowtech II Cranks

    • $64.05
    • $59.95

    Wheels Manufacturing

    Outboard SRAM Bottom Bracket

    • $144.53

    Wheels Manufacturing

    BSA 30 Bottom Bracket ABEC-3 Bearings

    • $73

    Wheels Manufacturing

    BB30 to Shimano BB Angular Contact Bearings Black

    • $144.53
    • $102.95

    Wheels Manufacturing

    Cable Wrap - Black 1 Meter

    • $9.98
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