Getting new bike wheels is a great way to upgrade your bike's performance. But you must select the right wheel for your bike to enjoy speed and versatility. 

The selection of bike wheels must be based on weight, stiffness, and durability. As wheels act as the rotating mass, their inertia affects the ride quality more than any other component. The more the weight, the larger the inertia, which is why lightweight wheels are better. For riding on city roads, you can make wheel weight the most important criterion for selection. Still, you must be careful if you are an aggressive rider exploring trails and mountainous regions. Lighter wheels can flex in hard corners, which can be disconcerting. This is why stiffness must be the first criterion for mountain, touring, and BMX bikes. 

Next, consider the bike wheel hub spacing to ensure you buy wheels with the same spacing as the bike frame and fork. Also, check whether your bike has a quick-release skewer or an axle to attach the wheel to the bike. If you buy the wrong type, it will not fit the bike frame and can result in trouble riding.

Shop for the best bike wheel and accessories on Colorado Cyclist. Our wide selection of wheelsets and other components is sourced from top bicycle wheel manufacturers such as Blackburn, Campagnolo, Challenge, Chris King, DT Swiss, ENVE Composites, Hope, Industry Nine, Mavic, ONYX Racing Products, Q-Tubes, RaceFace, Stan's NoTubes and more. 

Not just bike wheels, shop for parts, accessories, rims, spokes, tubes, rim tapes, hubs, and any component you are looking for. Colorado Cyclist has a team of professional bikers and mechanics who can assist you in finding the perfect wheelset determined by your bike type and riding style. We have the best bike wheels for you, whether your priority is speed, durability, or affordability.

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