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Bike Yoke Triggy 1x Remote Lever

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The Bike Yoke Triggy Remote 1x Lever replaces your original thumb shifter for cable actuated dropper seatposts. Many dropper posts feature remotes that do not live up to a standard that you would expect, when paying a lot of money for a dropper post. Even the most expensive droppers out there often come with remotes that have ridiculous play, are made from plastic, bulky, heavy, or just do not function as well as they should. BikeYoke put a lot of time and testing into the design of a remote lever that fulfils everything you want to see in a remote for dropper posts. It is super lightweight, made from 6061-T6 aluminum with a CNC finish, black anodized and laser engraved. You can (but donĀ“t have to) bolt it directly to the most common brakes without an extra clamp, and it has an individual mounting points to adjust position, plus an integrated cable tensioner. Generally speaking Triggy will work with any post that features a shift cable that feeds from the seatpost to the remote and cable is clamped at the remote, and the cable pull is less than 13mm. Triggy includes: Remote lever unit (black anodized and laser engraved aluminum body and lever with cable tension adjuster), Shift cable, Shift cable endcap. Clamp sold separately.

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Bike Yoke Triggy 1x Remote Lever