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Bike Yoke Triggy Alpha Remote



The Bike Yoke Triggy Alpha Remote - The name speaks for itself - the new pack leader of dropper remotes. Since the beginning, the Triggy has proven to be a favorite among many pro riders and testers but with the Triggy Alpha we have now set the bar has been set even higher. The short version mimics the proven original Triggy paddle geometry, and the long variant features a 7mm longer paddle and reduces the required forces by about 15%.


  •  Ball bearing
  •  Angle adjustable paddle
  •  2 different lever lengths for crisper or softer operating forces. The short version uses exactly the same and proven lever geometry of the original Triggy.
  •  The long version extends the paddle by 7mm and reduces the operating forces by approx. 15%.
  •  2 positions of the mounting thread
  •  Integrated tension clamp 
  •  New cable clamp for compatibility with all cable seat posts
  •  Light weight: 32g / 34g (short / long)
  •  Maximum pulling path: 11 mm
  • Compatible with BikeYoke Splits Clamp for handlebar mounting or I-spec brake perch attachments (sold separately) 

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Bike Yoke Triggy Alpha Remote