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Blackburn 2FER USB Light 2-Pack Bike Light

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The Blackburn 2'Fer 2 Pack Light is a really smart, compact USB rechargeable light that acts as either a front or rear light. With the push of a button, the 2'Fer can switch between a white 60 lumen front light and a red 20 lumen rear light. Holding the button for 2 seconds turns the light on and off, and pushing the button once changes modes between white solid, red solid, white flashing and red flashing. The light also remembers which mode you were last using and turns on in that mode. The 2'Fer meets the ANSI FL-1 Standard to provide consistent performance in output, run times, and water resistance. Features include a LED fuel gauge/charge indicator, and a 180 degree bezel allows for excellent side visibility. 18 grams each. Set of 2 lights.

Light Features:

  • Charging cable included, no tools required
  • Lithium Polymer battery
  • Waterproof to IP-65 standard
  • 3 hour recharge time
  • Lumens: Front 60, Rear 20
  • Runtime: Runtime: High 1.5hrs, Flashing 5hrs
  • Weight: 18 grams each

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Blackburn 2FER USB Light 2-Pack Bike Light