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Blackburn Airstik Anyvalve Mini-pump


Compact and powerful, the Blackburn Airstick Anyvalve Mini dual-action pump helps you quickly inflate tires without breaking a sweat. The magic is in the dual-action design, which pumps air into your tire on both push and pull strokes. A great choice for tubes and tires of all types. THIS PROUDCT IS COVERED BY BLACKBURN'S LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Features:
Weight: 7.2 oz.
Dual Stroke: This design pumps air into your tire both when pushing and pulling.
Anyvalve Pump Head: Works great on any type of bicycle valve with the flick of a lever. No leaking, no fuss, clean and simple.
Aluminum Barrell: Tough aluminum barrell for a lifetime of use.
Folding T-Handle: An ergonomic design that folds away easily.
Bike Mount: Includes an easy to install mount that fits under your water bottle cage.

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Blackburn Airstik Anyvalve Mini-pump