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Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bag


Carrying dense cargo in the unused front triangle of your bicycle lowers your center of gravity and makes your bicycle more stable. If it's food, water or tech equipment, the Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bag is designed to be your new go-to bikepacking bag. With waterproof, lightweight materials and welded seams, and featuring removable Hypalon straps that protect your frame, the Elite Frame Bag fits a wide variety of bicycle sizes and styles.

  • Sized to fit: Designed to cleanly fit a variety of frame sizes by producing 4 seperate sizes that will fit most bicycle frames: Large, Medium Short, Medium Tall and Small.
  • External Pockets: Two external pockets with drain holes for when things get damp.
  • Hose Port: Allows for the storage of a water reservoir and/or a cache battery to get dense heavy items to the lowest center of gravity.
  • Waterproof Zippers: Keep your gear dry. Constructed of weather proof materials and features welded seams amd waterproof zippers.
  • Organization: Compartments, pockets and other features to make sure there is a perfect place for everything.
  • Weight: 11.52 oz.
  • Bag Capacity: 6.76L.
  • Bag Dimensions: 482.6 x 330.2mm.

Model Number
Outpost Elite
Item Code
Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bag