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Campagnolo Chorus 12 Complete Groupset

Select Chorus Crankset, Groupset


The Campagnolo Chorus 12 Crankset has both rigidity and lightness, with the use of unidirectional and multidirectional carbon fiber. Ultra-Hollow Technology produces a hollow crank and spider arms for improved weight to stiffness ratio and the Ultra-Torque Axle technology provides a stiff and lightweight connection for efficient power transfer. Campagnolo's Extreme Performance Shifting System (XPSS) was specially developed to improve shift timing, and features a redesigned tooth profile to optimize their 12-speed operation. Thanks to the new chainring design, there are now eight sectors specialized for upshifting, and two diametrically opposed sectors for downshifting. This makes instantaneous and precise shifting possible both up and down.

Lengths: 170, 172.5, 175mm
Chainrings: 32x48, 34x50 or 36x52
Weight: 728 grams (172.5, 32x48)

Record 12 external BB cups sold separately
Select Campagnolo Bottom Bracket, Groupset


Campagnolo Record Ultra Torque bottom bracket cups for use with Campagnolo Record and Chorus cranksets. The Ultra-Torque system aluminium cups ensure maximum fluidity of movement and robustness for the bottom bracket axis. Fits Campagnolo UT-Ultra Torque 11 & 12 speed cranksets. Available in English (1.370"x24tpi) or Italian (36mmx24tpi).

Size: English or Italian
Weight: 29 g.

Select Chorus Front Derailleur


The precise, extremely fluid movement of the Campagnolo Chorus 12 speed Front Derailleur is achieved in part thanks to the new cables and their housing and in part because of the design and construction. The new Chorus derailleur incorporates the same design that separates the upper from the lower semi-rod, eliminating the free stroke for more immediate, responsive upshifting. Design of the 2x12 speed front derailleur and its trajectory angle mean wide tires measuring up to 32 mm can be used, while the new design of the cage and dedicated positions for each gear position ensure extremely precise and fluid derailleur performance. Use the Campagnolo Front Derailleur Adaptor Clamp with the braze-on derailleur for seat tube clamp applications.

For use with double crankset
Weight: 87 grams

*Optional - Select Campagnolo Front Derailleur Clamp


No Front Derailleur Clamp Necessary.
Select Chorus Rear Derailleur


The new Campagnolo Chorus 12 speed Rear Derailleur benefits from the same technology and design of top-end Campagnolo products, incorporating the sophistication and performances of the 12-speed Super Record and Record. With just a few changes in the materials used for its construction, like the external plate and derailleur cage in aluminum, the Chorus version produces exactly the same performance as the two more expensive derailleur's with the addition of just a few extra grams. Chorus brings with it the same technology as the next level up, like the new optimized trajectory on bigger cassettes and fantastic 3D EMBRACE technology. The latest evolution in Embrace technology not only keeps the rear derailleur vertically aligned in the perfect position for each sprocket, it now makes the upper pulley wheel advance perfectly in the direction the bike is advancing. 3D EMBRACE technology and 12-teeth pulley wheels makes this rear derailleur suitable for all cassettes as the distance stays optimum on each individual sprocket, regardless of the cassette selected. On rough roads, the spring positioned between the upper body and the pivot absorbs the vibrations, ensuring the chain always rests properly on the sprockets.

For double gearing configurations
Weight: 220 grams
12-speed compatible only
Minimum Sprocket: 11 tooth
Maximum Sprocket: 34 tooth
Select Chorus Shifter


The fantastic ergonomics that over the years have become a sort of calling card for Campagnolo have been even further improved with the latest introduction of Chorus 12 speed Ergopower Shifters. Not just ergonomic but also customizable, the new standard is embodied in the design of the Chorus levers. Apart from the brake lever, constructed in aluminum but with a coating that enhances its finish and its feel, Chorus Ergopower Controls are almost identical to those on the Super Record and Record controls. Ergonomic characteristics, such as the new design of the brake lever hoods, the design of the brake lever and bigger gear levers, team with characteristics that make the shape of Ergopower controls unique for cyclists' needs. The various positions possible for Ergopower controls mean they adapt better to different hand sizes. Campagnolo's tried and tested one-lever-one-action philosophy ensures no-confusion control, regardless of the cycling conditions or the cyclist's position. The internal Ultra-Shift mechanism controls the 12-speed rear derailleur, letting the rider shift up by up to 3 sprockets and down by up to 5 sprockets in a single movement. Chorus controls deliver the same extremely durable, soft shifting performance of the other 12-speed groupsets thanks to the same new cables and their housings.

Weight: 362 grams
12-speed compatible
Cable set included

Select Chorus Cassette


The new Campagnolo Chorus 12-speed Cassette has been designed to optimize the speed and fluidity of shifting. Its innovative machining reduces stress on the chain, allowing it to ascend more easily onto the higher diameter sprockets and it introduces a new cassette specification (11-34) that will benefit the entire range of 12-speed mechanical drivetrains from now on. The new 11-34 cassette in fact offers cyclists even more versatility and greater choice and autonomy in terms of available gears. The larger cogs are divided into sets of three and are mounted on a new carrier, increasing the rigidity up to 180%, and individual sprockets are 70% more resistant to torsion. The steel sprockets have a Nickel-Chrome surface treatment for durability. You'll love the solid, precision shifting offered by the new Campagnolo 12-speed rear sprockets. 11-34T recommended for Chorus only.

Gear Ranges: 11-29, 11-32, 11-34
Weight: 310 grams (11-29t)
11-29: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23-26-29
11-32: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-22-25-28-32
11-34: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-22-25-29-34

Select Chorus Chain


The new Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed Chain has been combined with new materials and a special anti-friction treatment which permits outstanding fluidity. Campagnolo has reduced the width of the chain to 5.15 mm with the new spacing and a new material has been envisaged for the outer links. The Ni-PTFE treatment ensures smoothness and long life. The Ultra-Link fastening system guarantees strength and operation with the new 12-speed sprockets.

Weight: 241 grams (110 links)

Color: Silver/Gray Width: 5.15 mm Drivetrain Speeds: 12 Chain Connection Type: Pressed Pin Half Link Chain: No Weight: 241 g
Select Chorus Brake Calipers, Groupset


The geometry used in the Campagnolo Chorus Rim Brake Calipers has made it possible to reduce weight without diminishing braking power. The "Skeleton" machining provides for maximum lightness and great modulation. The dual pivot design guarantees more powerful braking than a single pivot, especially when the pads are close to the braking surface.

Weight: 318 grams



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Even before Campagnolo was a major sponsor of our Colorado Cyclist Pro Racing Teams (1996 through 2001), we loved the durability and performance of Campagnolo. That's why we equipped our pro teams with Campagnolo Chorus for six years. The new Campagnolo Chorus 12 speed is lightweight, durable and affordable, boasting a perfect blend of high performance and competitive pricing. With snappy and precise shifting, exceptional power transfer and superb braking, the Chorus 12 group delivers a lot of bang for your buck.

This Campagnolo Chorus 12 complete group includes: Chorus 12 front derailleur, rear derailleur, shifters, brakes, cranks, cassette, chain and bottom bracket.