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Campagnolo EPS V2 Power Unit



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The Campagnolo EPS V2 Power Unit was specially designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. The new design allows for internal mounting which not only offers the obvious aerodynamic benefits associated with hiding a component inside the frame but also keeps the unit protected from the elements and impact. The sealed unit is waterproof and dust proof, and can be mounted internally or externally. The 'brain' of the system includes a small LED light and acoustic buzzer which alert you to when there is a problem with the system. The LED flashes a different color to identify where the problem is. A green light indicates a problem with the rear derailleur, yellow for the front derailleur, and other lights that alert you to issues with the system. The Digital Tech Intelligence continuously monitors the signals that arrive from the interface and derailleurs, managing their operation.

Since technology is always evolving, the power unit is equipped with data ports that allow you to check the system remotely and even update the Firmware and Eprom. Ride up to 1500 km or up to 3 months on a single charge, depending on use.

Weight: 132 g.

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Campagnolo EPS V2 Power Unit