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Campagnolo Record 12 Build Kits With Custom Wheels

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With the 12-speed Record™ groupset and Campagnolo® quality, satisfaction and victory are close at hand.Campagnolo never ceases to evolve and the range of drivetrains has taken on a new sophisticated element: The new 12-speed Record™ mechanical groupset is the iconic brand that has personified the world's greatest successes in cycling, in both professional and amateur races. The victories race bikes have achieved over the years with this groupset demonstrates the highest level of quality present in the processing, technology and premium materials that have always made it stand above the rest as a unique trademark product.

Campagnolo RecordChris King R45DT Swiss 240SDT Swiss 240S Straight PullDT Swiss 350DT Swiss 350 Straight PullHope RS4Onyx Road
DT RR 411$2,264$2,611$2,608$2,648$2,266$2,306$2,311$2,571
Easton R90 SL$2,318$2,665$2,662N/A$2,320$2,360$2,365$2,626
HED Belgium C2$2,332$2,679$2,676$2,716$2,334N/A$2,379$2,640
HED Belgium Plus$2,360$2,707$2,704$2,744$2,362$2,402$2,407$2,668
Mavic CXP Pro$2,239$2,594$2,583N/A$2,241N/A$2,286$2,546
Mavic Open Pro Black$2,230$2,585$2,574N/A$2,231N/A$2,276$2,537
Mavic Open Pro CD$2,248$2,604$2,592N/A$2,250N/A$2,295$2,556
Mavic Open Pro Silver$2,230$2,585$2,574N/A$2,231N/A$2,276$2,537
Mavic Open Pro UB UST Black$2,256$2,615$2,612N/A$2,270$2,310$2,315$2,575
Nox Falkor 36R$3,023$3,369$3,367$3,407$3,024$3,065$3,069$3,330
Nox Falkor 55R$3,023$3,369$3,367$3,407$3,024$3,065$3,069$3,330