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Campagnolo Record 12 Ergopower Disc Left 160 Front Caliper+ Screws



New mechanical Campagnolo Record Ergopower 12 Speed Disc Brake Controls provide comfort, control, speed, and reactivity. The new mechanical Ergopower 12 Speed Record Disc Brake controls take full advantage of the widely respected, proven Campagnolo technologies and have become indispensable for those who are in the saddle for extended periods. One such technology is Vari-Cushion, which offers an ergonomic, comfortable and safe support and grip. There is also the "one lever-one action" feature that assigns each lever one function to prevent shifting errors. The Ultra-Shift mechanism enables upshifting up to three sprockets at a time and downshifting a full five. Furthermore, the new mechanical Ergopower 12x2 Record Disc Brake controls offer lever adjustability that utilizes Reach Adjustment to move the brake lever closer to the low grip, thus adapting to the different hand sizes. AMS Adjustment allows modulating the moment of shift engagement through the use of specific levers. The carbon fiber brake levers feature a unidirectional disposition of the fiber to ensure they match seamlessly with the other components of the groupset. The forged aluminum Campagnolo disc brake caliper is available in a flat mount configuration meticulously studied to be perfectly compatible with all flat mount frames and forks currently available, without the need for any converter or adaptor. Lightweight and powerful 22mm pistons made from phenolic resin, chosen for its thermal insulation qualities, provide ample power transfer from command to pad. The design of the brake incorporates a magnetic spring on the pistons which eliminates the need for mechanical springs between the pads and guarantees a faster return as well.  Rotor sold separately. See item CCCHXHKM to order mounting bolts.

Weight: 347 grams, 694/pair
Caliper Rotor Size:160mm
Hydraulic Fluid Type: Mineral Oil
12 speed compatible
 Shift Cable set included

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Campagnolo Record 12 Ergopower Disc Left 160 Front Caliper+ Screws