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Campagnolo Record-UT Carbon Crankset

This product has been deactivated


Lengths: 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5 or 180mm
Chainrings: 39 x 53
Weight: 650 g.

Ultra Torque™ external cups sold separately.

The new Record crankset with integrated bottom bracket is the most technologically advanced version of the Ultra-Torque system. The oversize axle system with outer cups is combined with a carbon fibre structure which is completely hollow internally. Not only is the main crank arm hollow, but also the small arms supporting the chainrings of the Right crank. Developed by Campagnolo, the Ultra-Hollow Structure technology is created using a unique method which combines extremely high-pressure moulding, capable of compacting the fibres of the structure like no other process, with hollowing of the structure, removing material from areas which have no structural function. The result is that oversize cranks are obtained, characterized by lightness, strength, rigidity and long life without precedents. Unlike cranks of the previous generation, which had a metal insert for interfacing with the bottom bracket axle, Ultra Torque™ carbon cranks have an oversize steel axle fixed directly to the carbon structure of the crank, giving a considerable weight saving. Despite the use of outer cups, the Q factor and the lateral dimensions in the bottom bracket area remain substantially unchanged and do not require the athlete to adopt biomechanically incorrect pedalling positions.

Model Number
2007 Record
Item Code
Campagnolo Record-UT Carbon Crankset