Campagnolo Super Record EPS Groupset


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The Campagnolo Super Record EPS Ergopower levers will bring the classic style and beauty of Campy into the future of electric shifting. The levers feel surprisingly familiar feel with the crisp, mechanical action of each shift.
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If the power unit is the brain of the Campagnolo EPS group, consider the EPS Interface to be the voice.
Battery System
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All cables are sealed and completely weather-proof.
Battery System
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The Campagnolo EPS power unit was specially designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. The sealed unit is waterproof, dust proof, and its vibration resistance held up to the cobbles of the Spring Classics. The 'brain' of the system includes a small LED light and acoustic buzzer which alert you to when there is a problem with the system. The LED flashes a different color to identify where the problem is. A green light indicates a problem with the rear derailleur, yellow for the front derailleur, and other lights that alert you to issues with the system. The Digital Tech Intelligence continuously monitors the signals that arrive from the interface and derailleurs, managing their operation
Battery System
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The Campagnolo EPS Power Unit holders allow a variety of external mounting positions.
Battery System
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The Campagnolo EPS Battery Charger recharges the system by inserting the cable of the dedicated battery charger into the connector located on the lower part of the power unit. It is charged directly on the bike. There are two LEDs on the body of the power supply unit, which alert you to when the battery is charging and is fully charged.
Battery System
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The Campagnolo EPS battery charger cable connects your battery charger to US wall outlets.
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The Campagnolo Super Record EPS Front Derailleur is completely waterproof and offers precise and immediate shifting, every time.
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The Campagnolo EPS F/D clamp adaptor converts a braze-on front derailleur to a 1-1/4" (32mm) or 1-3/8" (35mm) round seat tube.
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The Campagnolo EPS Front Derailleur stiffener mounts in between the frame and the front derailleur to bolster the derailleurs stiffness and performance for carbon braze-on mounts.
Wire Kit
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The Campagnolo EPS cable guide magnets turn the job of installing internally routed electric wires into a breeze.
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The Campagnolo Super Record EPS rear derailleur is where the best of the electric group comes to life, with unprecedented precision, even in the case of multiple shifting with 11 sprockets at a time.
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Super Record 11 external cups sold separately.

The use of unidirectional and multidirectional carbon fiber in the Ultra-Hollow™ structure gives the Campagnolo Super Record 11 crankset rigidity and lightness. The titanium spindle is 25% lighter than the standard U.T. spindle. Campagnolo's EXtreme Performance Shifting System (XPSS) was specially developed to improve shift timing, and features a redesigned tooth profile to optimize their 11-speed operation. Thanks to the new chainring design, there are now eight sectors specialized for upshifting, and two diametrically opposed sectors for downshifting. This makes instantaneous and precise shifting possible both up and down.

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Size: English or Italian
Weight: 29 g.

For use with Campagnolo Super Record cranksets

Campagnolo's Ultra Torque Cup Tool and Ultra Torque Cup Socket Tool were specially designed to properly install the bottom bracket cups.

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The structure of the Campagnolo Super Record 11 brake calipers provides the ultimate in lightness and rigidity. The geometry is differentiated between the front (single pivot) and rear (dual pivot) calipers, ensuring maximum braking power and great modulation. Brake pad compound performs great in all weather conditions. Titanium screws.
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The Super Record™ sprocket set exploits a new frame for the two supersize titanium sprocket triplets. The strength and resistance to torsion have been increased as a result. The design of the teeth strains the chain less. Eleven sprockets that are even more efficient despite the reduction of the thicknesses? We have succeeded. The teeth have been designed to optimize the speed and fluidity of shifting. This form reduces stress on the chain which ascends more easily onto the higher diameter sprockets. The large pinions are divided into sets of three and are mounted on a new aluminium frame. Thanks to this, rigidity increases 180% and the individual sprockets are 70% more resistant to torsion.
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Campagnolo has lightened the weight of the hollow pins for the Record 11 chain, further reducing this super light, extremely strong chain. A proprietary Ni-PTFE anti-friction treatment makes each pedal stroke smooth and silent while lengthening the life of the chain. The Ultra-Link fastening system guarantees strength and seamless operation with the 11-speed sprockets.


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For our Campagnolo EPS groupsets, you will need to choose external battery mount or internal battery mount, and your cable routing. The battery mount is available in three configurations: EPS Standard for bottle cage mount, EPS ØStandard for mounting under the downtube, V2 external mount for V2 battery only. For mounting the battery internally the V2 battery is the only option. Check your frame specifications to choose which configuration works best.

How To Choose Your EPS Groupset:

1st: determine if your frame uses an internal or external power unit mount. 2nd: determine your wire routing, either under bottom bracket cable set or under seat cable set. 3rd: choose standard EPS power unit or V2 power unit.

V2 power unit components are not compatible with standard power unit components.

For further assistance please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-688-8600.

This Campagnolo Super Record EPS kit includes: Campagnolo Super Record EPS front derailleur, rear derailleur, shifters; Campagnolo Super Record brakes, EVO TI cranks, bb, cassette and Record chain. Front Derailleur Clamp Sold Separately.

Also includes EPS Power System: EPS cable guide, battery power unit and holder, wiring kits, charger and cable.

Cassette ranges: 11-23, 11-25, 12-25, 12-27 or 12-29.

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