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Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Headset IS42/28.6 IS52/40 Black


The Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Headset is designed to bridge the gap between the 40-series and 110-series headsets. Hellbender 70 has all the design characteristics, sealing elements, and Hellbender bearings found on a premium 110-series headset, at a price closer to a 40-series. Made from 6061 T-6 aluminum, internally contoured and relieved to minimize weight and maximize strength. The low-friction upper bearing seal completely seals cup from contaminants and is fully captured by the top cover with no loose parts. The alloy dual-seal crown race provides excellent seal ef?ciency with low friction, and the premium, sealed stainless-steel HELLBENDER bearings provide long life.

Bearing Type: Cartridge
Color: Black
Upper Stack Height: 9 mm
Lower Stack Height: 1 mm
Crown Race: 40
Technical Description:IS42/28.6 upper, IS52/40 lower
S.H.I.S Lower: IS52
S.H.I.S Upper: IS42
S.H.I.S. Stem Clamp Diameter: 28.6 Threadless

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Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Headset IS42/28.6 IS52/40 Black