Cannondale HollowGram KNOT SystemBar 42cm

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Waste not, want KNØT.

Paired with a KNØT or SAVE SystemStem, you'll save at least six watts over a traditional round handlebar. Not only that, you can adjust your bar position - go on, have it all.

Where it thrives

The open road, up and down hills

What it's built for

Aerodynamics, precision, control

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  • One-piece looks, two-piece function
  • Hides cables
  • Wind tunnel proven
More Information
Brand Cannondale
Manufacturer Part Number CP2650U1042
UPC 884603799116
Color Black
Product Condition New in Box
Handlebar Type Drop Bar
Handlebar Material Carbon Fiber
Handlebar Width 42cm
Handlebar Clamp Diameter Integrated Stem