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Chorus 11 Crankset 39x53 172.5mm

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Length: 172.5mm
Chainrings: 39 x 53
Weight: 723 g.

Record 11 external cups sold separately.

The use of unidirectional and multidirectional carbon fiber in the Ultra-Hollow™ structure gives the Campagnolo Chorus 11 crankset rigidity and lightness. Campagnolo's EXtreme Performance Shifting System (XPSS) was specially developed to improve shift timing, and features a redesigned tooth profile to optimize their 11-speed operation. Thanks to the new chainring design, there are now eight sectors specialized for upshifting, and two diametrically opposed sectors for downshifting. This makes instantaneous and precise shifting possible both up and down.

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Chorus 11 Crankset 39x53 172.5mm