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Devinci Mountain Bikes

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Aluminum was the seed that set a two-wheeled revolution in motion, when Devinci Bikes landed in Chicoutimi, Quebec, more than 25 years ago. From road to race to carbon and dual-suspension line-ups, today Devinci stands as a global frame-manufacturing leader, home to cutting-edge R&D facilities and a top engineering squad committed to the ultimate ride. From Canadian market exclusivity, Devinci branched worldwide, expanding its road repertoire to include an array of road racing rides, XC standouts, and a World Cup winning dual-suspension mountain bike lineup-featuring Dave Weagle’s patented Split Pivot technology. Raw materials, including aluminum and carbon, arrive at one end and complete bikes are rolled out the other. Every process from design and fabrication to machining, heat-treating, fatigue-testing, and final assembly all takes place in-house. This includes a state-of-the-art on-bike testing system, which measures every stress and strain in real life situations. Changes to a particular design can be prototyped, tested, tweaked, and re-tested in days rather than weeks. Having “Made in Canada” stamped on a frame is a driving factor at Devinci. 25 years of passion and belief in the brand and the people who work alongside it has catapulted Devinci Bikes to the main-stage of the bicycling world. With a tight-knit, talented team behind it, look for more explosive results in the years to come.