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Devinci Spartan

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Built for the spinning globe of terrain changes under your wheels, Devinci’s new Spartan is battle equipped to take on any challengers. From storming the international Enduro race circuit to backyard bike park sessions, the Spartan rolls on full-suspension 27.5-inch Split-Pivot credentials, in both aluminum and carbon builds, with ample 165mm rear and 160mm fork travel. Spartan DMC-G carbon frames feature Devinci’s advanced EPS Molding for flawless form consistency and lighter, stiffer, stronger performance, while amped frame rigidity makes Spartan an upslope annihilator and bolsters downhill precision. Hammer the throttle and launch the gap between freeride adventure and the exploding world of Enduro racing today.

Watch Whistler ripper/raconteur Ian Morrison's Spartan Savvy video above as he takes the multi-skilled Devinci Spartan through a whip-heavy edit that’ll send your head snapping.