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DT Swiss RR 481 Road Disc Rim Black



If you're searching for a pair of rims to ride off the beaten path, the DT Swiss RR481 should be a perfect fit. Approved to handle 130 kg (286 lbs) of system weight, this extremely durable rim is made for rough riding off-road. Whether you mount them on your cyclcross bike, your gravel racer or your next bike-packing rig, the RR 481 will impress you with its strength and durability without tilting the scales. Size: 650b or 700c
External/Internal Dimensions: 26/22 mm
Weight 650b: 455 grams
Weight 700c: 485 grams
Drilling: 24, 28 or 32 hole

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DT Swiss RR 481 Road Disc Rim Black