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DT Swiss XM 521 Rim



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Plus size tires are great, and with the DT Swiss XM 521 Rim they find an ideally matching counterpart. It offers all the support needed by the most aggressive of riders, yet it keeps the weight really low. That's important since the big tires ask for fooling around on the trail, and any rider would rather spend his energy popping off obstacles than wasting it dragging along any extra weight. That's the XM 521: A rim ready to induce smiles on rider's faces. DT Swiss 2.0 silver alloy Prolock Squorx Pro Head nipples and PHR washers included.

Size: 27.5-inch
External/Internal Dimension: 40/35 mm
Weight: 545 grams
Drilling: 28 or 32 hole
Tubeless Compatible
Disc Only

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DT Swiss XM 521 Rim