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Dumonde Tech Liquid Grease 2 oz



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Dumonde Tech's PRO X Liquid Grease is a very high performing replacement for traditional viscosity grease. PRO X Liquid Grease using our MRCC Micro Resistant Complex Compounds that greatly reduces the coefficient of friction. PRO X Liquid Grease polymerizes and bonds to the surfaces which provides extremely low drag, high sheer strength and protection. PRO X Liquid Grease will migrate to heat to provide lubrication at critical areas.
PRO X Liquid Grease is highly recommended for steel and ceramic cartridge bearing. Waterproof, which protects bearings from corrosion. Hybrid (Ceramic balls, steel races) bearings are prone to corrosion and wear without a lubricant. PRO X Liquid Grease is the perfect solution. PRO X Liquid Grease essentially eliminates drag that grease packed steel bearings experience. You will have a drag free bearing, especially in freezing temperatures.
Great for suspension fork legs, full suspension pivots, wheel bearings, roller bearing and jockey wheels.
Can be used as a chain lube for very extreme muddy conditions of mountain bike and cyclocross riding or racing.

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Dumonde Tech Liquid Grease 2 oz