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Enve 29 XC MTN Clincher Rim

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Weight: 382 grams (32 hole)
Drilling: 28 or 32 hole
Tubeless Compatible
Disc Only

The ENVE XC 29" carbon rims are designed with the mindset of what goes down must first go up. Stiff, light, and durable this rim's pedigree is racing. If you are tired of your big wheels being heavy, slow, sloppy, and bent all the time; then it is high time you make the switch to a pair of ENVE 29 XC rims and transform you big wheeled rig into a thoroughbred. The proprietary laminate and sidewall design allows the rim to carry a much higher spoke tension than any rim in its class. This design dramatically improves nipple seating angles, which extends spoke fatigue life and wheel durability and can be used with a standard tire/tube combination or a tubeless tire. 31mm rim depth, with 24mm width. 5 year warranty. Handmade in Ogden, Utah.

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Enve 29 XC MTN Clincher Rim