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Enve M7 Carbon Gravity Bar 35mm


The ENVE M7 Carbon Gravity Bar is an 800mm wide, 240 grams carbon riser bar. Carbon is the ideal material for a gravity bar because fiber orientation and bar profile can be controlled independently resulting in a tuned flex-profile that cannot be achieved with aluminum. This bar has been ride tuned to be precise and responsive, while absorbing fatigue inducing chatter and vibrations. Available in a 10mm, 25mm, or 40mm rise, M7 bars feature that trail perfect 8 degree sweep and 4 degree tip for your long-travel 29er, Enduro race bike, or just about any other gravity loving machine you might dream up. All M Series components are covered by ENVE's Lifetime Ride Guarantee which covers wheels and components that sustain impact damage on the trail.

Material: Carbon
Clamp Diameter: 35mm
Sweep: 8 deg.
Bend: 4 deg.
Rise: 10mm, 25mm, or 40mm
Width: 800mm
Weight: 240 grams

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Enve M7 Carbon Gravity Bar 35mm