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Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma Saddle


The Twin Flex shell technology of the Fizik Aliante Gamma K:ium Saddle offers full-length pressure relief from the saddle's nose through the flank. The outer shell is carbon reinforced nylon with a black Microtex cover, Gummy black Microtex central cover, white Microtex rear cover, and black Microtex thigh glides. K:ium alloy rails keep the weight to a minimum and resist seatpost clamp forces. Aliante Gamma is for The Bull: Rigid Spine. If you have a relatively low degree of spinal flexibility (more than 90 degrees between your straight legs and back when bending over as far as you can, keeping your legs straight a shoulders' width apart), you are a Bull. Your degree of Spinal flexibility will top out quite quickly when attempting to adopt the performance position. For this reason you will rotate you pelvis fully. You will benefit from the increased curvature (support) of the Aliante shape. ICS compatible.

Rail Material: K:ium Alloy
Weight: 259 grams
Length: 265mm
Width: 142mm

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Fi'zi:k Aliante Gamma Saddle