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Foss Polymer Inner Tube



FOSS Polymer inner tubes are made of a high-polymericed rubber mixture, but without being vulcanized. If punctured the tube material forms an air-tight seal around the thorn, nail or puncture intent sliver of glass, retarding the speed of the leaking air, so that you hardly notice any air loss. This increases the durability of the tire in case of a defect as no explosive air loss occurs. Thus the tube is considerably more puncture resistant than a normal butyl tube. Due to the low density, the FOSS tube is 30% lighter at the same size compared to a conventional tube. The tubes are also completely recyclable.
PLEASE NOTE: These tubes can not be patched with a normal patch. There are special self-adhesive FOSS patches required. Alternatively, the tube can be vulcanized, e.g. heatet up with a lighter and "glued" on the damage location with a flat nose plier.
ATTENTION: Do not pump/test the tube in the absence of outer tire. Excessive pumping will result in deformation of the inner tube. FOSS tubes are not reccomended for carbon rim brake rims.

  • Size: 700x23-25, 29x1.95-2.5.
  • Weigtht: 91 gr. and 125 gr.
  • Valve: 40 mm Presta.
  • Disposal: Recycling like ordinary plastic.

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Foss Polymer Inner Tube