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Fox Transfer Factory External Dropper Seatpost - 150mm/461mm

This product has been deactivated


The all-new Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost features an infinitely adjustable design with the choice of internal or external cable routing, three drop options, and two lever designs. The low lever force and great modulation make it easy to regulate return speed and make small height adjustments. The cable actuated post with tool-free quick disconnect provides for easier installation and removal. The low lever force provides consistent actuation pressure even with saddle weighted or unweighted, and is easy to modulate return speed. Two remote options: left side below bar (for 1x) or left/right on bar (for 2x/3x) Sold Separately.

Material: Aluminum
Cable Routing:External
Adjustable Drop: 6-inch (150mm)
Diameter: 30.9mm, 31.6mm
Weight:545 grams

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Fox Transfer Factory External Dropper Seatpost - 150mm/461mm