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Custom Road Bike Front Wheels 700c

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Compare the base price of the custom wheel build options available in this category. Click on the price to view the upgrades and changes available for the build you've selected. Use the pulldowns to select your custom options and additional wheel accessories. N/A in the price field designates the wheel is NOT AVAILABLE in that hub/rim combination.

Chris King R45DT 240 EXPDT Swiss 180 Straight PullDT Swiss 240 EXP Straight PullDT Swiss 350DT Swiss 350 Straight PullHope RS4Onyx VesperShimano 105White Industries
DT R460$316$303N/AN/A$162N/A$177$281$122$226
DT RR 411$373$360$554$392$219$263$234$338$180$283
DT RR 511$373$360N/AN/A$219N/A$234$338$180$283
Easton R90 SL$386$374N/AN/A$233$277$248$352$193$297
Nox Falkor 36R Carbon$755$742$935$776$601$656$616$720$561$665
Nox Falkor 55R Carbon$755$742$926$785$601$656$616$720$561$665
Velocity A23$372$358$544$393$219$254$224$329$170$274
Velocity Quill$408$988$580$429$245$289$260$364$206$309