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Gaerne G.Mythos Plus Shoes 44 Italia

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In an industry dominated by the latest fashion trend, Gaerne retains their identity as artists of the fit. The term "Handmade in Italy" has never been more appropriate than when used to describe the fit of the G.Mythos Plus. Every thoughtful detail has been designed to keep your foot happy. The long list of features starts with the combination of the Comfort Fit tongue, which comfortably holds your foot back into the non-slip, anatomic heel cup. The main strap will stay perfectly centered, thanks to the Adjustable Instep Closure System, using two micro-adjustable ratchets to maintain proper fit and support. Your foot will stay cool with the combination of micro-laser perforations in the upper, internal mesh in the instep and dual vents in the carbon sole. Rest assured, once you've adjusted the fit, all straps stay put. Tighten the Safety Lock Velcro straps, and you'll hear the unique ratchet sound of the interlocking teeth to secure the straps, while the large instep strap is secured with a carbon buckle.

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Gaerne G.Mythos Plus Shoes 44 Italia