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HED B.A.D. Big Alloy Deal Rim - 80mm 26"

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At 80mm wide, the HED Big Aluminum Deal (B.A.D.) Rim offers superb fit with all common fat bike tire sizes. It has tubeless technology, saving over a pound in inner tubes alone. The twin channel rim design provides a better pre-inflation seal by trapping each tire bead against the rim. This drastically reduces the amount of air it takes to get the beads into place. The Hed B.A.D. rim features a welded rim joint and is made with aluminum alloy that is shot-peened to increase strength. Do not use tire levers on B.A.D. rims. Tubeless Compatible with Optional Rim Tape and Valve

Size: 26-inch/Fat Bike
For 3.8-5.0 Tires
Weight: 630 grams (32 hole)
Drilling:32 hole
Disc Brake
Tubeless Compatible

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HED B.A.D. Big Alloy Deal Rim - 80mm 26"