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K-force Light-11 Std Systm English 175mm

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Length: 175mm
Chainrings: 53x39
System Weight: 898 g.
Display Unit: PowerControl 7

Take a look around the pro peloton and you'll discover that SRM is the training system of choice for many pro teams, and for good reason. Designed for use on your own bike during training sessions and/or competitions, the SRM Wireless Training System measures power output in watts at the exact point where it can be measured best - the transition between the crank and the chain rings. Your output is measured and recorded continuously to provide the most accurate record of your performance throughout the entire session. SRM also captures cadence, heart rate, altitude, temperature, speed and distance data.

The SRM PowerControl VII head-unit displays the wirelessly transmitted data in real-time, simultaneously storing it for download. Data is transmitted via ANT+Sport protocol (power and cadence) or via ANT protocol (heart rate and speed). Updated after each crank revolution, the data is saved in intervals. Choose between intervals of 0.5 up to 5 seconds. The memory capacity is enough to store 130 hours of riding data with the intervals set at 1-second. To match the sizeable memory, the rechargeable Li-Polymer battery has a life of 120 hours per charge. Another new feature with the PowerControl VII is the built in motion sensor which turns on automatically when you start riding. Plus, the narrower design allows for mounting between aero bars.

The SRM Powermeter consists of the crank, chainrings and measuring unit. Located between the crank arm and the chainrings, the measuring unit is a computer-designed torque transducer made of high-strength, specially tempered aluminum. Strain gauge strips, attached to the inside of the Powermeter, deflect when force is applied to the pedals. The material deflection registers the force (torque) created as well as the cadence. These parameters are converted into a digital electrical signal that is transmitted to a sensor on the frame of the bike. The training data can be transmitted to a PC directly after the training session. SRM's powerful software provides graphic representation of your power, speed, cadence, heart rate, time and distance for each session, and stores multiple sessions so you can monitor, analyze, and compare the data as your power increases.

Because the measuring unit is not built into the hub, the lightweight SRM system offers you the flexibility of interchanging your wheels. Training wheels, racing wheels or anything in between, you obtain the same accurate power data. The system includes SRM Powermeter, SRM Powercontrol VII head unit, Suunto speed pod, Suunto heart rate chest transmitter, BB-mounted cadence magnet, oversized handlebar clamp, new generation charger/download cable and proprietary analytical software. Available as a standard (53x39) crank, including BB, and may be purchased as an upgrade on our bike builds and in our build kits. Indicate bottom bracket threading when ordering. Available in 170,172.5 or 175mm crank arm length. Please call our expert sales staff for more information.

Model Number
31.8, Bk PC, Red/W Decal
Item Code
K-force Light-11 Std Systm English 175mm