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KMC X9SL Super Light 9-Speed Chain Gold



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The KMC X-SL series 9-speed chains are high-quality, high performing chains offering amazing shifting performance on any drivetrain you choose. For athletes looking for the lightest, strongest, smoothest shifting chain look no further. Features:

  • Includes KMC Missing Link 9.
  • Titanium Nitride coating reduces friction, offers corrosion resistance and the smooth finish is less susceptible to dirt making it easier to clean.
  • Double X bridge shape with inner and outer plate chamfering for smooth and fast shifting.
  • Double X-durability KMC chains are put through a heat treatment process twice to maximize strength so the chain lasts longer and goes farther.
  • Hollow mushroom riveted pins for the highest pin power and allows shifting under heavy loads.
  • Hollow inner and outer plates and pins to reduce weight and help shed mud.
  • Weight: 272 grams (116 link).

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KMC X9SL Super Light  9-Speed Chain Gold