Lazer Helmet Jackal Kineticore - Matte Dark Grey - M

Lazer Jackal KinetiCore MD Matte Dark Gr

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Details / Lazer Helmet Jackal Kineticore - Matte Dark Grey - M

The Lazer Jackal KinetiCore helmet excels on the way up and the way down, with plenty of ventilation plus enhanced protective features. Throw in goggle compatibility, an adjustable visor, and removable light/camera mount and you have the perfect helmet for trail riding. The Jackal KinetiCore uses the ATS Fit System to tighten 360 degrees around your head for a secure fit and all-day riding comfort. The KinetiCore layer and deep coverage on the sides and back of the helmet give your head more protection if your ride goes sideways. The adjustable visor not only blocks the sun but can be pushed up to create a goggle parking spot. Eighteen vents move air in and out of the helmet to help keep your head cool on the longest of climbs. A removable light/camera mount is included. The helmet shell is designed to prevent the mount or accessory from intruding into the helmet in the event of an impact. Weight 390 grams (SM).
  • KinetiCore for additional protection against rotational injury Advanced Turnfit (ATS) fit system.
  • Goggle compatible.
  • 18 vents.
  • Eyewear-friendly.
  • Bottom-shell protection.
  • VIRGINIA TECH 5-STAR RATING - The Virginia Tech impact testing uses the STAR evaluation system to determine the helmet's ability to reduce linear acceleration and rotational velocity of the head resulting from a range of impacts a cyclist might experience. 5-Star indicates the "Best Available" rating possible. Virginia Tech recommends the use of any 4- or 5-star rated helmet.
  • LAZER ADVANCED TURNFIT¬Æ SYSTEM - ATS enables you to easily adjust the fit of your helmet by using the turn dial at the back of the helmet.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAD BASKET - The Adjustable Head Basket allows the back section of the retention system to be adjusted up or down, changing the verticle size of the helmet depending upon the rider's preferences towards comfort.
  • INLET AND EXHAUST VENTILATION - This ventilation is based in inlet vents that are coupled to specific exhaust vents by ventilation channels inside the helmet.
  • GOGGLE STRAP GRIP - A gripping piece of rough surface is added to the helmet to hold your goggle strap in place.
  • ADJUSTABLE VISOR - Multi-position visor has four different set locations in order to allow you to position it where you need it.
  • FILM YOUR ADVENTURES - Accessory mount to safely and easily attach an action camera or headlight to the helmet surface.
  • EYEWEAR-FRIENDLY RECESSES - Small recesses in the helmet shell above the ears creae an open design and allows for the use of any eyewear without interference or disturbance to the helmet fit.
  • BOTTOM SHELL - Polycarbonate bottomshell finishing looks great and helps protect the helmet foam from cosmetic damage.
  • ULTRALIGHT MAGNETIC BUCKLE - The Ultralight Magnetic Buckle connects quickly and is easy to use with full finger gloves.
  • AVAILABLE WITH KinetiCore - Kinr=etiCore is a brain protection system - engineered to add protection to helmets.

WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm

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