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Lezyne M Caddy Co2 Kit


The Lezyne M Caddy CO2 Kit is a compact CO2 repair kit that comes in one of Lezyne's durable and weatherproof Medium Caddy Sacks. This kit includes Twin Speed Drive CO2, 2-16g CO2 cartridges, RAP-6 multi tool, and Smart Kit wich includes 6 patches, Stainless Scuffer, Tire Boot, and 2 Power Levers for your tire. Quick and easy to use, this kit will be able to go with you wherever you go and fix whatever tire stands in its way. Twin Speed Drive CO2 works on both Presta and Schrader valves. Bag weight: 75 grams. Volume: 0.5 liter, size: 130x60x80mm.

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Lezyne M Caddy Co2 Kit