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Look Geo Trekking Roc Pedals



The LOOK GEO TREKKING ROC pedals have been designed to support you in your everyday journeys, between office and home, in the city, on cycle lane, amongst traffic or simply when adventure calls and you set off on roads or trails, in search of new horizons. Featuring a flat side and a clipless side, their versatility means that they can tackle every situation and all conditions, providing unparalleled freedom. The CLIPLESS side is based on a mechanism compliant with the micro cleat standard, compatible with SPD cleat. The retention adjustment system enables an adjustment from 5 to 10. The pedals are supplied with the EASY cleat with 30% easier clip-in and more natural multidirectional clip-out, offering the possibility of a movement combining rotation and traction. Sold as pair.

Includes Easy X-Track Cleats
Retention:5 to 10
Weight: 466 grams per pair
Color: Black

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Look Geo Trekking Roc Pedals