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Look Keo Blade Pedals Black

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The Look Keo Blade Pedals body and blade are built from composite material. This substance makes the production of a range of less rigid blades possible (08 to 12), for a cleat engagement and release feel that falls between a metal spring and a carbon blade pedal. The Blade brings together all the benefits of a blade pedal: crisper in and out clipping, better foot support for more security, aerodynamic shape and low weight (compared to a conventional spring system). The platform contact area has been enlarged (400 mm²), providing excellent pedaling stability. The Blade pedal spindle was designed to obtain a very low stack height: only 13mm. It uses a needle bearing cartridge installed in a central position for better stress resistance while pedaling and two spaced out ball bearings which distribute the load, providing increased rigidity between the body and the length of the spindle guaranteeing excellent rotational speed.

Includes low profile, 4.5-degree, anti-slip Keo Grip cleats
Tension:Pedals come installed with "8" composite blades, and includes additional "12" composite blades
Weight: 308 grams per pair
Color: Black
Axle:Chromoly Steel +

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Look Keo Blade Pedals Black