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  • Body material made of carbon
  • Spindle Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 300g / pair
  • Big surface area with 515mm²
  • SPD Compatible
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The LOOK X-TRACK RACE CARBON Ti pedals are specifically created for the most unforgiving courses. Every second is precious in a race, and you can't afford to lose even a fraction of one. The geometry of the mechanism is designed for easy engagement in all conditions, evacuating any elements which may get in the way such as mud or sand. The carbon body offers a 515 mm² contact area, while the titanium axle ensures the pedal is stiff and light: a mere 145 grams underfoot. A clipless MTB pedal must respond to a multitude of different situations. External conditions may vary considerably and interfere with pedal operation. It is not enough to make a product that is excellent in one specific area. Instead, it is necessary to design it to be as versatile as possible to provide its user with a real advantage regardless of any external obstacles encountered. Following this logic, LOOK has chosen to concentrate on the interaction of three major factors, contact surface, weight and entry/release, to develop the perfect pedal. Sold as pair.

Includes Standard X-Track Cleats
Retention:6 to 14
Weight: 290 grams per pair
Color: Black