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Mavic Open Pro Tubular CD Rim



Extremely light, the Mavic Open Pro Tubular CD Rim is the best road race tubular rim on the market. The Open Pro Tubular brings Mavic's decade of lightweight tubular rim experience into the new millennium with modern technologies. CD Dark Grey

CD: Hard anodization process creates a micro-surface hardness over the rims surface. This hardness resists corrosion and slows braking wear while improving durability.
Maxtal: Exclusive to Mavic, Maxtal aluminum alloy boosts rim strength by over 30% compared to 6106 alloy, for lighter and better performing rims.
SUP (Soudé Usiné Process): Produces an extremely strong, welded and milled rim joint offering superior wheel balance.
UB Control: The process of milling the brake surface to improve braking friction and reduce brake shuddering.

Weight: 360 grams
Size: 700c
Brake Type: Rim Brake
Drilling: 32 Hole

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Mavic Open Pro Tubular CD Rim