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Mavic XM 1030 27.5" Disc Rim



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The Mavic XM 1030 Disc Rim is the most advanced of Mavic's XM Rims. With a 35mm inner profile, this welded rim features ISM 4D technology (Milling between spokes) which eliminates superfluous material from the rim but keeps it around the anchor points of the spokes. This technology cuts the rim for faster acceleration without losing resistance. Maximizing the capabilities of the material that composes it, the XM 1030 is arguably the best trail rim in the market.

Size: 27.5-inch
Internal/External Dimension: 30/33.4mm
Recommended Tire Size:2.35-2.6"
Weight: 533 grams
Drilling: 28, 32 hole
Valve and rim strip are NOT included

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Mavic XM 1030 27.5" Disc Rim