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Michelin Power Endurance Clincher Tire



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The Michelin Power Endurance Tire was designed to meet the needs of riders who place the emphasis on endurance. Thanks to its reinforced protection against punctures and cuts, the Michelin Power Endurance combines high performance and outstanding durability with less rolling resistance. Its dual-compound tread is designed to ensure exceptional resistance to wear and enhanced grip when leaning through corners. The compound employed on the shoulders provides a very high level of grip on wet roads, while the compound used for the central part of the tread delivers greater protection against punctures and impact damage.

Size: 700x23, 700x25, 700x28
Weight: 220 grams (23c), 230 grams (25c), 255 grams (28c)
Max Inflation: 116 PSI
Max Inflation: 87 PSI 700x28c

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Michelin Power Endurance Clincher Tire